Warning: Audio is necessary for this game!


This is a game for Wizard Jam 6 based on Important If True 21: The Real Monkeys.

Find the real monkeys.


Monkey sprite and mouse cursor courtesy of @KenneyNL http://www.kenney.nl/ (CC0 1.0 Universal)

Fake monkey sprite modified from above.

Icons courtesy of Unruly Games http://u3d.as/XNN

Particles courtesy of UETools http://u3d.as/9GN

Sounds courtesy of freesound.org:

https://freesound.org/people/jobro/sounds/74833/ (CC BY 3.0)

https://freesound.org/people/HunteR4708/sounds/256836/ (CC0 1.0)

https://freesound.org/people/Jagadamba/sounds/257021/ (CC BY 3.0)


TheRealMonkeys-mac-v0.5.4.app.zip 17 MB
TheRealMonkeys-win-v0.5.4.zip 13 MB
TheRealMonkeys-android-v0.5.4.apk 22 MB


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really good concept and interpretation of the title! I was not good at finding the real monkeys, everything started swimming together in my head and I was second guessing myself.

There's a few things I should have done to make the movement/sounds clearer. During the development process I became better at the game, which led to a naturally inflated difficulty that is pretty rough for a new player! Thanks for the feedback!

Very cool concept for a game. It can get a bit addictive. My family was walking by and jumping in as they heard the music and sounds. Nice job!

Thanks, that's awesome to hear! Glad you enjoyed it!